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Let’s engage and make an impact.

Cross-discipline approach to preserving the Virgin Islands for future generations.

For Community, By Community

en-gage: participate or become involved in; establish a meaningful contact or connection

This website is intended for the entire community of the Virgin Islands to serve as a central place for civic engagement and information sharing around important issues affecting the health, safety and, natural environment of our Islands and our People.

Start with Conversation

The intention is to nurture open, respectful and informed dialogue between policy makers, corporate stakeholders and the VI community with the ultimate goal of empowering VI residents to ENGAGE and to lead important conversations that impact their neighborhoods, well-being and economic interests- all essential components of healthy communities.

Civic Engagement

Our goal is to create a forum for civic engagement for all citizens through the sharing of public information and the development of equitable, cohesive and coherent systems and strategies that benefit all in our VI community- for now and for good!

Civic: Relating to a city or town, especially its’ administration; municipal; relating to the duties or activities of people in relation to their town, city or local area.